A Sailboat on the Big Island of Hawaii

As I sat with my family at a local restaurant this week I was drawn by the beautiful water view and the sailboats docked in their marina spots near our patio seating. My gaze was continually drawn to two particular sailboats that sat afloat right outside the harbor area. I’m drawn to water views and sailboats calmly sitting on the water. I really can imagine myself enjoying that kind of simple life.

I have NO boating experience, and certainly NO SAILING experience, so where does this desire come from? No idea, yet year after year I find myself drawn to those boats and views. I want that silence, that peace, that simplicity. Maybe the idea of that freedom to move from place to place as the desire hits is in part what appeals to me, maybe the silence and the calm of the water is appealing as well.

Because of this feeling I have immersed myself in many travel books about families and couples who have taken sabbaticals from their everyday life to create a life of travel living on a boat and cruising the caribbean islands. Of course every single one of their books is appealing as well as very REAL REALITY CHECK. Everyone of them is faced with a steep learning curve, to not only know how to sail that boat, but how to fix things, stay aware of dangers and accept and become used to (it seems..) the challenge of night sailing and the very real danger of storms and hurricane season. Even with those reality checks it strikes me as very appealing.

Maybe someday I can start small by joining friends on a sailing vacation or renting a sailboat in the caribbean and having a tropical get away and learning more about what draws me to this very different lifestyle.