I was just checking out the MSN home page and I saw a link to some thing about saving money….aren’t most of us generally trying to do that???… It took me to the Money section of MSN to an article about people taking the month of Feb (because it was the shortest month) and buying only essential items such as foods, household essentials, gas etc… The premise was that each person/family would really get a handle on how much money they normally spend on non essentials such as lattes, newspapers, snacks, extra clothing etc… The result was that those who stuck with it really SAVED. Some saved several hundred dollars, most saved at least three or four hundred dollars and really realized how much money they had been wasting on eating out or buying things that weren’t something they really needed.

Each person/family decided for themselves what was essential in their house/life and some just cut back, still seeing a REAL DIFFERENCE. Some liked the feeling of being able to save enough that they are carrying the idea into the month of March. Some families even lost weight by packing lunches rather than eating out, and walking more or exercising to stay away from shopping. I found it a very interesting concept and may try it myself. Okay, I have relatives visiting for two weeks so it isn’t going to be a completely ESSENTIALS ONLY spending month, but the very idea makes me more aware and will probably save me some cash!