Yesterday I had a flash of intuition, similar to moments I’ve had many many times, only this time I thought I knew better and I ignored it. NEVER A GOOD THING TO DO.

I was leaving my home and I had this thought. “you don’t have your house key.” In my head I thought, I have my keys in my pocket, I feel them. What kind of craziness is this? So I touched my pocket, felt my keys and locked the door. When I got into my car I looked at the keys. My house key was GONE. It had either fallen off somewhere or I had removed it to put in my pocket when doing yard work.

My angels had been alerting me and I ignored them, thinking I knew better. It was the gentle reminder I needed to pay attention, to always trust the intutions that I receive, no matter how big or small, no matter whether I THINK I know better or not. I’m guided, we all are. Sometimes I get too caught up in the physical every day world and forget that spirit is really what matters and I need to always pay attention. Have a wonderful day!