The last couple weeks have brought some closure in my life. With downsizing to a different home I’ve spent an enormous amount of time sorting through closets, boxes and items in my garage. It’s such a challenge to sort things. It’s emotional, exhausting, and just a pain in the butt! Which is in part why I haven’t blogged in many days! It’s also challenging to know which things to keep, donate or just put in the trash….laughter. My father seemed to have a habit of keeping EVERYTHING….. FOREVER…. I cannot begin to describe the hours, days and weeks I’ve spent sorting items in the last three and a half years.

I’ve discovered treasured items, humerous items, unbelievable things and just downright crazy things! Crazy would be the files of dry cleaning, gas receipts, electric bills and assorted bills dating back to 1977!! WHO KEEPS THIS STUFF for thirty years??? Okay it was interesting and fun for about thirty minutes. Then I was facing the reality of having a mobile shredder company in my drive way… what a lovely few hours that was a couple years ago!!

Cool was a journal I found of my dad’s trip to Florida for job interviews in the late 70’s. His food costs, gas and motel stays were so amazingly cheap, and phone calls I think 10 cents! His journal was very detailed including every single expense of each day, logged carefully and neatly in his crisp printing. My dad always was a detail oriented person!! That’s an item I will treasure, it’s a small sliver of my father’s life and a trip that I remember him making. It’s also an insightful momento of the detail my father put into his everyday life.

One of the things that has made me shake my head over and over again was that three years prior to my dad’s death he moved to a different house. Doesn’t it make sense to go through your stuff BEFORE making a major move? Discard the things that no longer make sense rather than pay to move them? I’m sure my dad was simply too busy to find the time. I think that happens to many of us.

I found myself last weekend in the garage crying over insane things. First a box of golf grips that were so old they were dissolving into dust! I tried to lighten the mood and laugh, thinking how insane it was to cry over such a silly thing. It was worse knowing my dad adored golf most of his life. My cousin came in the garage midway through my breakdown and I told him… see this is why I told your parents to clean out that attic before they get too old. No child should be forced to deal with all the clutter and junk a person keeps over the years simply because they don’t have the time to sort through it.

I still have more sorting to do, more things to throw out and more things to smile over as I sort through the decades of my dad’s life. This isn’t a task I would choose, but it does give me a sense of moving on and finding peace with the life I want to create.