Byodo Temple and gardens, Oahu Hawaii

Today I had the opportunity to spend some time walking through a gorgeous botanical garden. I treasure time to sit in a garden, enjoy the flowers, and the gorgeous designs of the flowing walkways. I have delighted in gardens around the world. In Berlin I loved the Botanisher Garten in Steglitz. It’s tropical indoor gardens became my haven in the cold dark winter days; while it’s outdoor pond and budding tulips became a sight to treasure in the early days of spring. In Rome I fell in love with a site of ancient ruins. It’s attatched park had been lovingly reconstructed and continued to be a place of both beauty and peace. In Hawaii I fell in love with two gardens, first the Botanical Garden in the heart of Honolulu. Their garden had some lovely orchids and ferns and was a haven of large trees and wonderful flowers in the middle of a bustling city. The second was Byodo Temple in Kaneohe. This garden is one separate section of a beautiful multi-cultural cemetary. The garden contains an amazing replica temple of an actual temple in Japan. The temple holds a large Buddha statue and within the gardens there’s a giant bell to ring for blessings of peace and prosperity. There are Koi fish in the ponds, and peacocks strolling the grounds. I spent many days visiting Byodo Temple during my years on Oahu. Bali brought me a garden and temple on the lake. It’s beauty is seen in another post on this blog. I found many treasured moments in that temple garden in Bali, Indonesia. It’s a garden to treasure. I hope you have a special place which fills your heart with peace and your day with moments of joy!