townhouse-and-beach-feb-07-023.jpgA Pelican at Redington Beach Pier, Redington Beach, FL

I’ve been as guilty of this as anyone….I meant to take more time for myself. I planned it, I looked forward to it, I even set time aside and then I got side tracked or slammed with unexpected activities and the time was GONE! I found myself completely exhausted, wondering what the hell happened and how my life got so out of control in just a few hours or days!! Does that happen to you as well? I’m guessing YES. I’m guessing it happens or has happened to most of us! I ‘m finding that now I sense the time when I should take a break or stop for the night. I feel it and as I’ve become more clear about my own needs to rest and rejuvinate I make the fifteen or twenty minutes to lie on the couch and listen to my favorite meditation tape or pet the cat or read my favorite book of the moment. Every single time after my short break I feel revitalized, calm and focused. It makes such a difference in my day and in my mindset. I hope you too will begin to listen to that little voice, urging you to take a break, to focus on your own needs for twenty minutes. I promise you will enjoy it and your attitude and energy will soar because of it. Treasure the day!