I have learned with time and experience to trust my gut instincts. Occassionally I’ve made the error of being caught up in fear and NOT trusting myself and my feelings. The resulting situation was both emotionally and financially painful. I have learned now to always trust the feelings and intuitions that come to me. Occassionally I have other people trying to direct my life, trying to show me their way of seeing my life. They have good intentions, though I can see clearly it’s not the direction I’m meant to take.

It takes courage, belief in yourself and trust in your instincts to make the best choices. If you are uncertain, or afraid don’t make a decision, WAIT. Get clear, get calm, and only in that peaceful state of mind, make your decision. Leave the time and space for a higher power to impress a feeling of certainty upon you.

As Oprah once said on her show, DOUBT MEANS DON’T.