Living my own overseas adventure in Berlin, Germany.

Live What You Love
notes from an unusual life

By Bob and Melinda Blanchard

This book is incredibly inspiring for those who are trying to create their own dreams. This is their second book. Their first, “A Trip to the Beach” detailed their journey of moving to the caribbean island of Anguilla and their adventure of opening a restaurant on the island. Both books are honest, humerous, inviting and inspiring for those who dream of creating their own way to move away from the ordinary, to a dream of having a life that is fulfilling and satisfying.

This is a quote from “Live What You Love”

Drawing from experience, we’ve identified four checkpoints in life that help us connect our dreams with reality. We affectionately call these checkpoints the Big 4: PASSION, PEOPLE, ENVIRONMENT, AND MONEY, and like the pistons in your car engine, they should all be in proper working order and running smoothly. We’ve always tried to live our life guided by our passions, surrounded by people we love and living in places we enjoy. We try not to put more emphasis on any one of the Big 4 -they are all important – although we feel strongly that money should always come last. Money’s primary function is to make the other three possible.