Canoe and children picture taken on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Beach shot Kailua Beach, Oahu, Hawaii.

Whenever I am feeling in need of tranquility I think back to moments I’ve experienced while living on islands in the Pacific. Guam sunsets at Tahiti Rama’s…sadly now long gone from Tumon Bay. Where tables graced the sand and your feet could feel the softness of the sand while you enjoyed a drink with a lover or friend.

Oahu, Hawaii, where I loved driving along the North Shore in the winter months when the beaches were closed to all but the very best or insane ….surfers. Along with many others I would sit on the sand, mesmerized by the huge waves and the skill of those surfing the dangerous waves. I find a sense of peace in the magnitude and strength of the ocean. It reminds me that my struggles and problems are just one small part of a whole and to work at taking a larger view of the struggle I may be facing. (I could certainly use that bit of my own advice today…..laughter.) There is something special about islands, they touch me with their magic and their beauty. May these pictures bring each of you a sense of the beauty, tranquility and peace I found there. Treasure your day!