Grandma at her 80th Birthday party

The view of the lake today.

Today is one of those gorgeous Florida days that remind me why I live here. The sun is shining, and it is truly a gorgeous view looking out at the lake. Just a few minutes ago a hawk landed next to the patio and surprised me. He’s been a regular visitor these last weeks, appearing at least once a week to sit on my arbor or in the nearby tree. Thankfully I haven’t seen him catch any small birds, that’s certainly a blessing in my eyes….lol

This week I have a deeper appreciation for this view, the sunshine and the 55 degree temps we have today. Last week I spent visiting relatives in the midwest, freezing my behind off and looking out at grey, overcast, cold days. It was seriously depressing for a woman that loves the ocean, the sun and the pelicans! I did have an overall good visit with family and friends. Yes there are always those less than enjoyable moments with those we are related too. I’m certain everyone can relate. They are relatives, that means we didn’t choose them, we just deal with them for our entire existence!

Mostly it was a great week culminated with a surprise 80th birthday party for my grandma. To add to the day we had my great grandmother there whose now 100 years old. It’s pretty amazing and special in my eyes to even have a living relative that is 100, let alone one who is capable of attending a special occasion! Of course she spent some number of years being a real pain in the behind to assorted relatives, so maybe her extra spunk has paid off and kept her going so well. She’s become a sweet, good hearted woman as she’s aged and it added a wonderful dimension to my grandmother’s day to have her mother there on her own 80th birthday.