Some days I struggle with individual relationships in my life. To help myself in these dark moments I try to consistently look to what I’ve learned through my losses. I strive to create healing in my life and in my interactions with those I love.

Like many others I face relationships that challenge me or frustrate me. I’m not unique in this feeling. One thing I’ve discovered with years of healing is that some of these relationship issues have almost nothing to do with my intention but more to do with how another perceives the relationship or situation and just how much effort they are willing to match to bring a peaceful compromise.

Recently I saw two people whom I haven’t seen in several years; people with whom I’ve had many ups and downs. Despite my very best intentions and attitude I felt AGAIN like I was hitting a brick wall. Thankfully I’ve learned through my years of healing that most times these moments, these struggles are less about me, and more about the individual themselves. I walked away from the moment with some unresolved frustration but a deep realization that I’ve done the best I can with the circumstances and I have to allow God to handle this and move on in my own life. I can’t make every situation what I’d like it to be, none of us can. It doesn’t change the outcome, yet it changes my perception of the pain and leaves me a small sense of peace knowing I did what I could with healing intentions.