I have read the book,

Who Moved My Cheese
a few times, and have owned it for several years. Each time I read it I’m touched by both it’s simplicity and it’s truth. Today this quote touched me and I wanted to share it.

Haw looked down the dark passageway and was aware of his fear. What lay ahead? Was it empty? Or worse were there dangers lurking? He began to imagine all kinds of frightening things that could happen to him. He was scaring himself to death.

Then he laughed at himself. He realized his fears were making things worse. So he did what he would do if he wasn’t afraid. He moved in a new direction.

As he started running along the dark corrider he began to smile. Haw didn’t realize it yet, but he was discovering what nourished his soul. He was letting go and trusting what lay ahead for him, even though he didn’t know exactly what it was.”