Many times I have wished for just one more day with my parents or a special person who has passed on. Sometimes it’s been in a fit of sadness or anger when I wished to ask them…. just what the hell were you thinking when you left me to deal with THIS?

Other times it has been from a place of love, when I wished for just one more day to love them, to share a walk in a beautiful spot, to touch them and to hold them close. It would be wonderful to hear my mom’s laughter or see my dad’s smile. We never know just how much time we have with those we love, and no matter how well we spend our days with those we love I’m certain we would all wish for more time to love them.

Like everyone grieving I’ve wished to turn the clock back and to say I love you one more time, to take back harsh words, to share yet another joke, another kiss or another cuddle. Some how we find our way through those desires and make peace with what we had, with those we’ve loved.

We eventually let go of the pain, of the painful memories surrounding their death, and begin to remember the beauty of the love we shared. The treasured beautiful moments, the silly practical jokes, the depth of what we had and what we will always hold close within our heart. It’s all there for us, we just have to open our heart and feel it. Their love is there, along with the memories of every shared experience.