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From time to time I am touched by a poignant reminder of loved ones I’ve lost. A week or so ago I was getting out of my car when I saw a man who for a moment, looked similar to my father. My heart paused and in that moment I was painfully aware of just how much I miss my father.

The man was talking on his cell phone in front of Panera Bread. One of my dad’s favorite lunch spots doing what my dad could be found doing so many days, taking a business call. I stood there silently, looking at this man in his Florida business attire. A tropical short sleeve dress shirt and dress slacks. I wished desperately it were my father. It was a moment of realizing how deeply painful his loss remains.

In late October, on the anniversary of my mom’s death I was shopping in Hallmark for a card. This was one of my mom’s favorite stores. As I was browsing I walked by a display of collectable figurines that were the exact style she had once collected, I lost it. I started crying right there in the store. It was a painful reminder of how much I still love and miss my mom.

I turned the corner and right in front of me were angel/fairy figurines; my eyes touched on one in particular. I knew in that moment that mom was with me. That tiny angel/fairy figurine was my reminder. Mom is always watching over me. I bought the tiny sweet angel/fairy and she sits on my dresser as a daily reminder of my mom and dad and the other angels who help and guide me.