A beach I love in Hawaii

We all know that some days have more chaos than others. It just seems to sneak up on us and wham #*! our life is suddenly more chaotic than we can handle. That seems to be the case for me this week. My lap top decided to stop working, AND I’M A WRITER. This is not a good situation. Thankfully we have a backup desktop! On top of that last night I dropped my cell phone in the cat’s water dish as I was feeding them treats before bed! Yikes! Did I really need that…laughter…. I can laugh now.

I have both a new snazzy phone and a new service provider. This time it worked out. That hasn’t always been the case with chaos in my life and in those times I’ve have to turn within and reflect on what I can do to reduce the chaos in my life. If this is a chaotic time for you, take a deep breath, find a few minutes to reflect, even if it means locking the bathroom door and running the shower for silence! In that silence you will find answers.

They may not be the answers you like, as has been the case for me in the past. But what I learned from the answers in my past is that I was pushing way too hard, doing too much and it was creating a danger zone in my life. Don’t allow that to happen to you. Listen to your inner voice, take an extra fifteen minutes for you. You might think the world can’t wait, but they will, and you will be healthier and happier for those fifteen minutes or half hour a day of quiet to reflect and regroup. I wish you peace!