yankees06-007.jpgThere are few things I will readily awake at five am for….laughter….Yet yesterday was one of those rare days when I was actually happy to get up at five am. Yesterday the Yankee’s Spring Training Tickets went on sale, a day I had been waiting for for several weeks. I know this blog is a grief blog, yet when I started it, I said I wanted it to be a site of inspiration and laughter as well as healing. Lately I have spoken from my heart about a lot of sadness and loss, there hasn’t been much laughter or fun so today my hope is that my post will inspire each of you to focus on something in your own life that you used to love before you felt life was pulled out from under your feet.

Even if you only spend an hour doing that “something” it will be an hour well spent. Of course to get those tickets I spent FOUR hours at dawn, but that’s another story! Your loved one would want you to have happiness and peace. One of the biggest things I learned through my grief was to appreciate my life and the gifts it offers. So when I find something I love doing, I treasure it and I hope you will too.

I love baseball, I have since I lived in San Diego almost twenty years ago. I loved baseball when the Padre’s were not good. Thankfully for the San Diego fans that has now changed! So I was willing and crazy enough yesterday to stand in line for four hours to get to the ticket window and get my game tickets.

I was grateful to have another girl friend who also loves baseball to keep me company in my craziness!! I now have tickets to nine spring training games and will enjoy every single one, except maybe the game in the seats I hate, past third base! Ah well, you can’t get all the good seats! I did manage to get three games at home plate and three games at first base. Others want good seats too!

Take care of yourself and your spirit, you are each special and you are loved. Get out there and spend an hour doing something you love! Your spirit will feel better for it!