Plumeria flowers on the Big Island of Hawaii

There is a book I love, that I keep on my dresser. When I want an uplifting quick read about the islands of the world I open this book to a random page and for a moment I am transported back to the islands I’ve lived on and loved in my life.

Today my random page in “Island Wise”
“lessons in living from the islands of the world”
is from the island of Jamaica.

“The first thing I do when I come to Jamaica is to bury my watch in the suitcase and set my inner clock to the islands pure tropical tranquility-that slow cooking joy that the islanders create just by viewing time in their own unique way.”

“Dr. Breeze is their name for the trade winds that blow in over the Caribbean Sea to cool an island day. The doctor just makes everything feel “irie” they say, i.e., simply wonderful. And if the bus, your dinner, or your guide is late, someone calmly says, “Soon come.” Translation: It’ll happen sooner or later, just relax.”

“It doesn’t take long to begin to appreciate this “soon come” take on life. It’s the essence of island time.”