Sean died on Dec 27th. His family made the decision to remove him from life support. Bill was there with Sean as was his sister Shannon and his mother Lauren and his treasured family members. Sean was surrounded by love as he made his transition. Sean’s father asked me to share their experience at Sean’s bedside.

Sean had not moved, spoken or made any kind of reactive response during his time in the ICU. When they took him off life support Bill said that Sean hung on, but at the moment Bill said to Sean, ” Sean I accept your son as my grandson. I will find him and take care of him. ” Sean coughed and died peacefully.

This had been an ongoing conflict between Sean and Bill; with questions of paternity. Sean accepted and loved his child. Bill didn’t accept this child. In that moment, at Sean’s death when Bill accepted that child, Sean gave Bill the sign he needed for them both to have peace.