The day of Sean’s funeral held an amazing moment for his family. Bill asked me to share this moment with you. After Sean’s death Bill asked Sean for a sign that he was okay; that he was at peace.

After the funeral the entire family and a host of friends gathered at Lauren and David’s home to share food, support, pictures and stories of Sean that were treasured. As the day wound up Lauren and David sat in their patio garage and Bill and I and his brothers headed to our hotel.

As we headed down the street from Laurens home a song came on the radio. Bill and his brother picked up on it in moments. It was Eye of The Tiger. Sean’s favorite song from his childhood. Lauren and David heard it on their radio at the exact same moment. Bill called Lauren to share the news and together they realized they’d heard the song at the same time and in that moment they knew that Sean had given them the sign that he was at peace.