.christmas-eve-orlando-031.jpg Tonight, Christmas night I received a phone call from my friend Bill who I’ve known and loved for many years. He called to tell me that his son, who I’ve known for twelve years was in a critical motorcycle accident and is on life support. Bill and his brother are driving down the east coast to reach his son before he crosses into spirit. They understand his injuries are beyond what he can survive.

I was stunned, and even with the grief I’ve faced I was unprepared for this painful, tragic phone call. Sean, his son is 29. I told him I would pray for them and his family. I immediately sat down and prayed for my friend and his son. I then called a minister at my church, asking her to include them in her prayers.

Sean is a good hearted young man. I met him when he was a teen, when I dated his father. He was always on the edge of adventure or trouble. He has been through some tough moments in his life, but he’s loved and treasured by his family. I spoke to him just over two months ago and he sounded just like the Sean I remembered. He was happy and doing well in his life. He had a girl friend he loved, a good job and was working hard to stay on the right path in his life.

I’m focusing my love and prayers this moment on both of them. The good of his heart and the love he he’s had for life. I am deeply saddened for his family. I know heaven is preparing for Sean’s transition and I’m hopeful his father will reach the hospital to touch him and be with him as he makes his way into spirit. I pray that his family will find the peace of God surrounding them in this painful time.