hp-pictures-248.jpg One of the things I most strongly remember about the first days of my grieving process was that I tried to focus on the moment.
In the days after my mother died just getting through fifteen minutes in those first days felt like a huge accomplishment. It also helped me to survive my tremendous pain; by not looking too far into what the day might hold, or the next. If you are grieving allow yourself time, time to just sit and stare into space remembering, praying, DOING WHATEVER YOU NEED. Ask for help. I know I didn’t always feel like it; yet calling someone who understands really makes the difference.

I can distinctly remember the hours I spent talking to my friend Tammy. She saved me; she allowed me to rage, and I did. I was filled with so much anger over my mother’s death and over the situations I was facing. She was kind enough to allow me to get it out. Even now nearly ten years later; thinking of those conversations makes me cry. She was a god send to me. Find a Tammy in your life; that person will make all the difference to your grieving and your sanity.