Sometimes grief is not only from a death. Sometimes grief comes with the loss of a relationship or the realization that a relationship is changing and you’re at a cross roads where you have to determine whether you can heal a relationship or whether it will end. It wont be the same depth of grief, yet it will be a grieving process just the same.

A Year by the Sea

is a thought provoking book about the transformations a woman goes through in her life. Joan and her husband are at a crossroads when they separate with him taking a promotion in a different part of the country and Joan moving into their summer cottage on Cape Cod. The book details the journey of Joan’s life during the year she lives at Cape Cod and the transitions she makes personally and within her relationship with her husband.

I felt this was an excellent autobiography for anyone contemplating their own life transitions or transformations. It was moving, realistic and thought provoking. She has written one or two others since this one.