This hasn’t been my best day.
I opened a Christmas card from my ex mother-in-law and read her sad news.
She has struggled through breast cancer for some number of years
and in her card she told me that they have now found cancer in her brain.

Even from her hand writing I could tell that things are not good.
I was deeply saddened.Along with that she shared news of my ex
husband. Memories of him feel like several life times ago.
He was diagnosed with MS some years after our divorce.
She said his MS has progressed. Though we no longer have
any relationship or contact I was saddened for him and for his loved ones.

I know way too many people who’ve battled cancer; and terminal illness.
Some are now survivors and others like my parents have passed on.
It’s very sad and because of my own experiences with loss, I’m deeply saddened
for what this means to both their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

It makes any grumbles I had about my day seem trivial.
Yet what should our goal be for any day of our life?
How do we make our day the best we can, the most fulfilling to our life purpose
when we have tasks to complete that certainly aren’t always enjoyable
or pleasant? How do we create time that is really sacred, joyful and purposeful
between the tasks we feel must be completed?

I came across a quote this afternoon
that I thought would be appropriate
due to the nature of the news I heard today.
This quote comes from Ladies Home Journal, April 05.

We have to overcome fantasies that life is somehow
supposed to be in our control and that we are
at fault when we are not.

May we find the peace in our hearts to accept
what comes into each of our days.
The best to each of you