Expect the pain to be with you for a very long time,
MUCH longer than you want it to be.

You have to go through AND grow through the pain.
The person whose loss you are grieving has been and remains
an important part of your life. You loved them,
much as I loved my mother.
It has taken me years to really accept her loss
and even now; just over nine years after her death
I still miss her and wish I could talk to her in person
for even just one more day.
With time your pain is less. I’m now able to focus
more on the good memories and the love.
There are moment that will always remain painful.
Moments that I can never share with my mother,
the birth of a child, the beginning of a new relationship,
a new home. But with time you’ll find peace
and some semblence of acceptance.
Be kind to yourself; and take time for you.
Realize grief comes in phases
and you will feel differently every single day.