Hi, I hope you will enjoy your visit to Healing Through Love, my blog that offers support for those healing, or experiencing life challenges and changes.. It’s also for those who love the islands and for those who are on the other side of a loss and are finding their way to adventure and joy again.

This blog site has been a wonderful learning and growing experience for me. I have now created an official website at http://www.lisaoverman.com Where you can find inspirational and supportive articles on healing, life, relationships, travel, adventure and a host of other topics. I hope you will come for a visit and enjoy it enough to come back often. Blessings to you!


My friend Marci passed into spirit last Saturday April 19th. She was a lovely, lively woman who loved to cook and share her recipes. She loved Rachel Ray and Paula Deen. Marci spent hours watching the cooking channel and perfecting her own recipes for family and friends alike. She took a lot of pleasure in growing her own herbs and taking care of her plants and flowers. She adored the warm Florida sunshine and had enjoyed her last few years of sunny, warm winters.

Marci will be missed greatly and I know as I write this that she is watching over all of us and she feels the warmth of her family’s love and devotion. She will be missed by all of us and every time I see a picture of Rachel Ray I know I will pause for a moment and think of Marci and smile. Peace and love be with you Marci. You are missed.

I hope that each of you are finding this book and online class as interesting and spiritually valuable as I am. I was particularly touched by a statement made on Oprah’s show last week about the A New Earth online class. Oprah had a variety of people from all walks of life on the show via skype to talk about how the book and class have changed their perceptions, their life and given them some poignant “Ah Ha” Moments. One was Army Captain, Mason Weiss stationed in Baghdad.

His mother had given him the book to read before he headed to Iraq. He read the book before departing and found it so significant that he jotted down some of the statements that touched him the most and laminated them on an index card to carry with him in Iraq. He was on the show via Skype and pulled it from his uniform and read it for Oprah. I was touched by this particular statement.

When I get back home I don’t get a gift certificate or anything with all that wasted energy worrying about it or worrying about what might have happened. So it’s helped me tremendously and allowed me to separate my thoughts from my body and just stay in the present moment. Army Captain Mason Weiss, Baghdad, Iraq

Life challenges us in a variety of ways. Last week it was my turn to deal with technology challenges, when my computer crashed. Thankfully I have been through this before and I was prepared with a back up drive. Naturally I hadn’t backed up my data in four months, so of course it was a refresher lesson in BACK UP YOUR DATA MONTHLY. Thankfully I have an amazing computer tech person and Tony saved my butt yet again. Thank you Tony!! So I am back in the land of technology and can write again. So look forward to new posts in the coming days.

Today a conversation with my friend Myscha sparked a realization in me that there are times when the best thing we can offer another is a part of ourself. Simply to be there in that moment and offer a part of ourself that will support and nurture the other in their challenge and need is the best gift we can offer.

Maybe it’s sharing a cup of tea and having a chat.
Possibly it’s a bike ride through the park together enjoying the unexpected sights of nature.
Maybe a part of yourself is best shared in giving a sensual massage that allows the other to forget the world’s challenges.
Maybe it is the hug you offer after a long day.
Whatever it is, as long as it’s a part of your authentic self it will be treasured.

Photo Credit: Flickr Johnny Pearl

Sometimes we get so used to the serious nature of our lives that we forget to lighten up and just relax our attitude. I do this as much as the next person and according to some in my life I do it WAY too often! It isn’t as if only one person is telling me this. This is something I have heard many times, repeatedly, it’s just that I really don’t even know all the steps to make it different.

I have an awareness and I firmly believe that AWARENESS is the first key. I make a daily effort to meditate and that seems to really keep me in a calm state of mind, MOST OF THE TIME…life is not a perfect science, events and stress intervene for all of us. Meditation has done wonders for me, it allows me a sense of real peace, where I can feel a physical difference in the energy of my body. I used to be pretty high strung years ago and meditation mellowed that very well. So there is hope that I can find other ways to lighten up my serious nature….

The really funny part is that I used to be very light hearted, spontaneous and carefree… say until around age 33. Some time around then life hit me with some real challenges, the end of a deeply significant relationship, my mother getting cancer in 1997 and from there my life seemed to take on a direction of it’s own, filled with pain and loss and deep, unending grief. Just about the time I felt I was turning the corner on my grief over my mother and really living again (six yrs time) my dad was diagnosed with non hogkins lymphoma and died 12 days later.

Those events and the circumstance and responsibilities I was forced to assume after my dad’s death changed me deeply. So finding that fun loving, carefree side of myself comes generally only with travel adventures or escapes where I feel I can be my most relaxed. Learning to integrate it in daily life is more challenging for me these days…. at least according to those around me. I try to keep an awareness and also a reality check that those around me don’t always understand what I have faced or the effect it had on me, so I as I learn to lighten up a day at a time I keep my own council, knowing I know who I am and why I’m this way.

I’m learning to make changes a step at a time, from a place with a healed heart. That alone is a blessing and one not to be undervalued. My life wasn’t always good, in fact at some points the pain was so bad and the grief so numbing that death felt like the easier option. To reach this point, of joy and healing and blessings is incredible. It happened with small, slow steps, so gradually at times that I couldn’t even see some of the healing taking place. Only realizing it as my heart began to lift and my spirit began to heal and feel alive again. It is amazing and beautiful to have reached this point. I am deeply grateful to be at this point where I am now capable of helping others.

As such I try to keep a grateful attitude for the people and activities in my life while learning a step at a time to lighten up and see the world in a more spontaneous fashion. It’s a process…one day at a time… just like life. Blessings and love to each of you!

Indian Shores Beach at Sunset

There is nothing like getting to know someone new in your life to make you realize you have a lot to learn. Today seems to be a classic example of that and I have to smile and just take a deep breath and realize it’s all part of the process. No matter who we are or what we are doing that is new in our life there is always a learning curve or challenges to face and moments that seem like a monumental pain in the ass, but eventually those moment that seemed such a pain become a simple blip on the screen of our life and we find a way to meet in the middle, to embrace our new skills or learn how to explain our needs more clearly. It’s all a process and in the spirit of that process tonight I watched an episode of Men In Tree’s online and really had a good laugh as Marin and Jack moved in together and faced their own moments. It was good to see it happens to each of us. May you have a blessed day!

Photo Credit Lisa Overman